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I am slowly but surely trying to break my big Pinterest boards (gardens, exteriors, etc) into smaller categories that are easier to navigate.  It’s not an easy task, in fact it’s HORRIBLY not-user friendly, Pinterest.  Anyway, I noticed I had a lot of garden sheds in my stockpile of images so I thought I’d post a few here.

If you are a big garden nerd like me, you know how nice it would be to have a place to keep all your “stuff” in one organized place.  As opposed to the communal crawl space I use where I tend to just toss things in and run hoping a cat-sized spider or anaconda doesn’t appear from under the house to try and kill me before I can escape.

Hutker Architects via

photo by Daniella Witte

Furlow Gatewood as featured in Veranda

This little guy is by HSP Garden Sheds, which appears to be amazing.  Their buildings are made in Suffolk, England and are available for import.  I’m a sucker pretty much anytime someone uses the term bespoke to describe their product.

This little shed is decidedly not bespoke, but I love it the best out of this set of photos.  It would look great in my garden.  via

Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens

This “shed” borders on “garage” — and I am sure is larger than my tiny bungalow–but man you could get some serious gardening done out of it.  Maybe I’ll build one and live in it as well…two birds with one stone.  It belongs to Tricia Foley, as featured in Country Home.

I’m sure you’ve seen this great little building on Pinterest.  I could at the very least garden and put our design studio in here.  via Better Homes & Gardens

Do any of you have a garden shed?  I’d love if you’d share photos if you do…for the time being I can at least dream about one.  Until then it’s back to the crawl space with a helmet and a can of Raid for me…

PS, there’s more garden shed goodness on my Pinterest board…check it out [here]

fig trees

via Civetta

Has anyone else noticed the sudden proliferation of fiddleleaf fig trees in photos of interiors lately?  I for one am a big fan of this trend.  I started a “big plants” Pinterest board a few days ago where I culled the various images I’d found of fiddleaf figs and had probably five or six immediate emails and texts from friends asking about these plants.  For the record, I know nothing about them.  Hannon and I saw one at Leaf & Petal last week in Mountain Brook Village and it retailed $145 or something.  Wasn’t huge but decently sized.  I’d buy one, but in 530 square feet I don’t see it fitting anywhere and not looking like I was starting an indoor arboretum.

via Cote de Texas 

Regardless, I think these things are cool.  I think I first noticed them in this shot of Grant Gibson‘s house in San Francisco.  Do y’all keep up with Grant, by the way?  I think he’s extremely talented…and though we’ve never met in person, I’ve always found him to be an extraordinarily nice person via Facebook, blogs, email and what not.  I think he’s going big places (he’s already been big places, Elle Decor Showhouse and such…but I think he’ll be prominent for some time to come).

via Pinterest 


Delphine Krakoff via Habitually Chic 



via Habitually Chic 


via High Street Market


Talk to me…would you kill one of these?  Does anyone have one?  How hard are they to care for?  I’d hope they don’t drop their leaves like ficus trees do, those things are a mess.  I’d like to think I would do better with a fiddlehead fig than I do with orchids, but lately my green thumb has only worked outside of my home.


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