board and batten shutters

[A home in Mountain Brook's Crestline neighborhood.  I think it has the most perfect shutters I've ever seen...]

My neighbors and I are in the process of coordinating bids to get our condo buildings repainted.  Inexplicably, and prior to me living here, someone had all of the walls, trim, windows, doors and shutters painted the SAME shade of grey.  Though are buildings are incredibly charming and some of the most unusual and sought-after condominiums in town, they’re sporting a color scheme that looks like it was borrowed from a prison.  We’re going to keep the stucco on the buildings grey, but come back with crisp white trim and a shiny black (or maybe black-green) on the doors and shutters.  I can’t wait to see the buildings transformed!

[The current grey on grey on grey--with random white railings!--color scheme of my condo building.  Soon to be repainted...]

One of the things we’ll be doing to the buildings is to replace the current broken and rotten louvered shutters with new ones.  Though the original plan was to replace the shutters with similar new ones, I am really starting to think that board and batten shutters would be a better look–and well suited to the cottage-style exterior of our 1942 attached bungalows.

I’ve been doing some research on board and batten shutters–literally just three or four vertical boards tied together with a horizontal batten strip or occasionally a “Z” diagonal piece.  There are a few good examples around town, and I’ve found a few more on Pinterest.

all images via Pinterest

Well, I’m sold!  Now I’ve just got to get the neighbors on board.  I think it will be a great look…I’ll keep you posted.

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11 thoughts on “board and batten shutters

  1. tate says:

    Doug. The new home on Overbrook Rd. (across from Mountain Brook Junior High) what do you think? Do you know the story behind it and did you participate at all? I think I love it but my husband says it might have “too much going on”. Advise!

    • Doug Davis says:

      I do know the story!…but no I was not involved. I like it…looks A LOT like Bill Ingram’s charming cottage on Montevallo Place up by me. I’m sure that was at least intentional. The side thing with the flatter roof is interesting–not sure if I love–but a solid effort overall.

  2. lizsgirl says:

    Thanks for the update on shutters just happened to be in decision mode for our cottage. this was very helpful. Love your blog so informative. Laura

  3. Dinah says:

    The Crestline ones are perfecto! IMVHO you are so right about the board and batten looking well on your cottage style.

  4. philip morris says:

    Interesting to see how much variation there can be with board-and-batten. Should be very durable.

    • Norman Johnson says:

      Doug, just a thought ……….
      Your sample photos, all of which I like, are multiple boards; most appear to be at least 18 inches wide. Your existing shutters look quite narrow. Not quite sure how multiple, very narrow boards would look. Worth a mock-up, though.

      An alternative might be single planks with heavy iron straps.

      I do agree, your “attached bungalows” — I really like that term — are charming.

  5. I’m a nut for shutter dogs on board and batten shutters…the little “S” hardware items that keep the shutters held open. I think they complete the look. I just added board and batten shutters on one small window of my remodeled stone cottage and it was just the right touch. Love what you’re going to do for your bungalows!!

  6. Rachel Goetz says:

    Doug, those condos are darling! I can see why they are so coveted in your community! Can’t wait to see the updates! – Rachel

  7. designchic says:

    They are a must…so hope you can get your neighbor on board…can’t wait for an update!!

  8. Jennifer says:

    I have stalked out those top shutters myself – so charming!

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